About Us

About our founder, Leanne

As a health professional of more than 20 years, I have spent much of my career working in health promotion, work injuries and resolving patients’ skin conditions. Promoting health awareness – particularly how the foods we eat, our choice of body products and the cleaning products we use impacts our health – has long been important to me. I believe there is a strong link between the toxins we consume or absorb and the allergies, immune system disorders and medical illnesses we develop.

In 2017, my mother passed away suddenly of heart failure. She became unwell just days after spraying a cheap, toxic insecticide in her home.

It was a distressing reality check that prompted me to turn my attention to developing complimentary products that are made of the purest and most natural, certified organic ingredients that don’t compromise our health.

And that is how Covet Organics was born.

The Covet Organics Story

Consumers are becoming better informed about the damage toxic chemicals cause on our bodies and our health. It inspired me to help raise awareness about the importance of living in a non-toxic environment, and take charge by introducing health conscious customers to a range of natural health and beauty products that are made of ethically sourced, certified organic ingredients right here in Australia.

I personally research every ingredient and check every product to ensure it passes our stringent criteria. That includes no non-genetically modified organisms, no synthetic preservatives or fragrances, and no animal testing.

Our products are dermatologically tested, are 100% certified natural and organic and sustainably developed. Because we’re as passionate about your health as you are.

Medical Disclaimer

While many of our Products are made with herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredient properties, we provide complimentary alternatives. These products are not to be used to self-medicate or treat any medical condition. We do not claim to be a cure for any medical condition. Please always read the label on the pack. If you exhibit signs and symptoms of being allergic to any ingredient, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention.

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