Founded in Australia, Amazonia is a global health company leading innovation with certified organic, wholefood supplements and plant-based food products. Prior to launching Amazonia’s first product Açaí in 2008, like many of us, Dwayne was ready to succumb to ‘low energy being a normal state of being’. Through his health journey, he discovered freeze-dried Acai and began sharing this mini health revolution with the people around him. From a small flea market store to now, Amazonia has gone on to develop more than 70 products since its conception and proudly provides Frozen Superfoods, Raw Proteins & Supplements, RawFIT and Tender Jack under its umbrella of holistic wellness.

With a pure focus on certified organic, sustainable wholefoods and supplements – with no synthetics, GMOs, dairy or artificial ingredients – Amazonia is part of the global plant-based food revolution helping the world #ShineBright.