Reasons to Make the Switch: Why Going Natural Is Best

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Reasons to Make the Switch: Why Going Natural Is Best

Recent years have paved the way for everything fresh and organic, and the trend has caused the beauty industry to undergo a paradigm shift. While the main goal of cosmetic products is to pursue the notion of beauty, it has now partnered with more pressing matters—sustainability and ethics, natural and organic. With consumers deciding to support informed purchase decisions, it’s only logical that they begin to pursue the cosmetic industry.

It’s undeniable how natural and organic products can affect the body–having been exposed to harmful chemicals for years, switching to products that closely resemble their sources has now become the priority. Not only are they magical for your skin, but they also support the protection of the environment. If you’re considering making the switch to take better care of

Reason #1: They’re better for your body

Traditional cosmetics contain high levels of chemicals, such as petroleum-based ingredients like parabens. Although these chemicals are highly regulated for safe use, too much of anything is never good. They also hold not much merit compared to natural cosmetics, as the latter comes with minerals, plant extracts, and other organic substances that truly nourish the skin. By switching to natural products, you’re ensured of authenticity, quality, and of course, the sources of such products.

Natural cosmetics also support our overall well-being, especially since they are infused with essential oils like lavender and mint that relax and soothe the body. In essence, organic cosmetics are more than just for the pursuit of beauty—they help us come closer to nature, which is exactly what we need for healthier lives.

Reason #2: They’re the sustainable choice

The chemicals present in your traditional makeup sets aren’t just bad for your body—they’re also bad for the environment. Aluminium and other petroleum-based ingredients, for instance, are gathered through extensive mining. This endangers soil levels, thereby compromising countless wildlife habitats. Choosing organic makeup, on the other hand, means supporting a non-threatening form of production. Natural products mostly come from the cultivation of flowers and plants, which provides the extracts needed by your skin.

By using and cultivating raw materials sustainably, biodiversity is protected. Plants and flower species are also given another chance at life, preserved and cultivated for the next cycle. Natural products also come with sustainable packaging, banning single-use plastic and instead, going for biodegradable materials and refillable bottles.

Reason #3: They’re cruelty-free

The dark side of the cosmetics industry is no secret. Given the harmful chemicals they use, most companies resort to the use of animals to ensure that their products are fit for human use. Testing on animals most often results in not only violence but their death. Regardless of nature, testing on animals must not be tolerated. As the world continues to stand up against animal cruelty, more people are stepping up to replace such cruel products.

By switching to natural products, you not only uphold your health but support animal welfare. Without harmful chemicals to test and experiment, animals are given the chance to live out their lives in the wild—and with sustainability and ethics involved, this is exactly what natural products have to offer.

The Bottom Line

Why should you make the switch? Simple—natural offers the best possible option. You’ll be supporting not only your skin but the environment and animals that have long been suffering under the dark side of the beauty world. With natural ingredients existing for centuries, organic makeup brings you back to your natural state—fresh, free, and toxin-free. The pursuit of beauty doesn’t have to be cruel—go natural today!

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