Au Naturale: Transitioning Into an Organic Skincare Routine

Au Naturale: Transitioning Into an Organic Skincare Routine

Smooth, baby soft skin isn’t determined by where you exist in the genetic lottery. Your daily habits can create just as much of an impact. The ultimate goal of your skincare routine is to enrich your complexion and troubleshoot problematic target areas. What better way to restore your natural texture than with an equally natural beauty routine? Let’s take you through the motions.

1. Cleanser

Clear skin is the result of a thorough cleaning regimen. Chemical cleaners contain harsh surfactants that strip your skin of its natural lipids and protect barriers. On the other hand, a natural facial cleanser contains gentler ingredients that nourish the skin without the risk of allergies, dryness, and irritation.

2. Toner

Often an overlooked step in one’s skincare routine, toner helps balance the skin’s pH levels and rejuvenate the protective barrier that is stripped after cleaning or peeling. Avoid toners that contain DEA compounds, which are known to have carcinogenic effects. Natural toners can maintain your skin’s natural acidity and protect skin cells with vitamins and antioxidants.

3. Moisturiser

A top skincare must-have, beware of a chemical moisturiser’s preservatives and fragrances. If you have sensitive skin, a natural moisturiser such as one with shea butter can treat skin problems with vitamins A and E.

4. Foundation

It can be tempting to hide trouble spots with layers upon layers of thick foundation. However, products containing parabens may interfere with your hormone functions. A foundation with nature-derived ingredients will prove more exceptional moisturising and anti-aging benefits without damaging your skin.

5. Lipstick

Lead is a neurotoxin historically linked to fertility problems and is even a banned component in house paint. Yet it manages to end up in the likes of lipstick and eyeshadow, contaminated through artificial colouring. Pucker up with organic lipsticks that contain natural pigments and fruits, vitamins, and minerals that hydrate the lips.

6. Shampoo

Not quite the first product on anyone’s mind when it comes to a natural beauty regimen, chemical shampoos contain antimicrobial agents and synthetic preservatives that damage the hair. Nowadays, more shampoo products contain naturally-derived ingredients that promote growth and nourish from root to tip.

7. Sunscreen

Whether a native in a tropical country or one prone to daily showers, you can’t leave home without sunscreen. Natural sunblocks boast a stable formula that works as soon as it’s applied—so whether you’re a bare-faced enthusiast or love a bit of a brow, throw some sunscreen into your on-the-go routine.

8. Lotion

The largest organ in the body, your skin deserves the best possible nourishment. However, body lotions made with phthalates have been previously linked to specific cancers. If you’re a fan of fragrant lotions, opt for shea butter or essential oils instead.

9. Deodorant

If your chemical deodorant is effective against sweat, it’s likely due to its pore-clogging features. Sweat is the body’s natural detox, and while you won’t love showing through your blouse, most deodorants contain toxic aluminium compounds. Shift to a natural deodorant that contains beeswax, essential oils, and plant extracts instead.

10. Soap

Despite their goal to keep the skin clean, ordinary bar soaps contain known toxins and carcinogens. Fortunately, natural alternatives are rich in vitamin K, shea butter, plant extracts, and oils that don’t produce unwanted side effects.


Natural skincare products aren’t just safe to use—they’re sustainable and planet-friendly. If you’re religious about your non-toxic lifestyle, shopping for organic products is the cherry on top of chemical-free groceries.

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