Tips for a Sustainable Skincare Routine – Our Guide

Tips for a Sustainable Skincare Routine – Our Guide

Nowadays, people have gone through lengths to follow zero-waste movements which serve as an inspiration for them to start living mindfully. It has also become a guide to encourage each other on making conscious choices when it comes to reducing the use of plastic and other waste which could potentially harm the environment even more.

Whether you’re choosing to become vegan or using organic products, every choice you take is one step towards living a life well regarded.

Below, we’ve come up with simple ways you could follow to change your skincare and beauty routine and slowly incorporate plastic-free habits.

Switch to an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Part of living plastic-free is choosing other options that will help you produce zero-waste as much as possible. When it comes to hair products, replacing your regular shampoo with shampoo bars is already a sensible effort. What’s good about shampoo bars is that it’s organic and is perfect for people who have a dry and itchy scalp.

Aside from organic skincare, you can also choose to switch your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo toothbrush. Not only is it a cheaper option, but it’s also sustainable and can last for up to 3 months. Switching to a menstrual cup and ditching disposable sanitary pads is also another way to support eco-friendly choices.

Choose to Reuse

When it comes to your beauty routine, constantly using cotton pads, face wipes, and other kinds of makeup removers unconsciously adds to the waste that you’re supposed to be avoiding if you’re aiming for a plastic-free routine.

Deciding to replace those with products made of reusable and washable material instead is a good substitute. Besides that, you can also skip using disposable beauty products like razors, q-tips, and even deodorant and turn to ecological solutions that are available in the market today.

Create Homemade Solutions

With the love for popular face masks, body scrubs, and essential oils come the need for creating DIY products in the comforts of your home. Since natural skincare products involve ingredients made from a variety of organic extracts and fruit components, it’s quite easy to come up with a product yourself now.

You could opt to use honey, oatmeal, sugar, or egg whites as the main ingredient to create your very own face mask. You could also use aloe vera or tea tree oil for your hair. There are numerous ways to turn what you have in the kitchen into something that’s not only good for your skin but also the environment.

Purchase Products in Bulk

Not only is it a good idea to buy in bulk when it comes to food items, but it works for skin products as well. Because purchasing your cosmetic products in big quantities allows you to cut back on your costs and greatly decrease your packaging waste.

All you have to do is store your items for later use. This saves you time and energy from constantly going out as soon as you run out of the things you need. So stocking up on cosmetic products is one less thing to worry about.


Making a conscious effort to reduce your waste and start living plastic-free is necessary if you want to help the world become a better place. Just by starting with your skincare routine, you’re already doing more for the environment than you think.

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