4 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Self-Care – Our Guide

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4 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Self-Care – Our Guide

Everyone needs to take care of themselves and wind down once in a while. While nourishing yourself with the right food and getting plenty of sleep is crucial to your health, practising self-care is just as important. This can vary from going on a spa day to reading a book under a tree. Self-care is pretty much any activity that soothes your mental, physical, and emotional well-being—and essential oils can definitely help with that.

Essential oils have a wide range of benefits. They’re natural substances that have shown the capacity to improve mood, help people relax, boost focus, and promote good quality sleep. Here are four ways to incorporate essential oils into your self-care routine:

Take a Bubble Bath

Taking a bubble bath is one of the most relaxing ways to unwind from a hectic schedule. Soaking in warm water with an unfurling bath bomb or even a sprinkling of bath salts helps ease the mind and relaxes the muscles, which allows you to sink into a full moment of peace.

One of the best ways to elevate your bubble bath is by adding some essential oils, which even brings therapeutic benefits. For example, a few drops of lavender essential oil will make you feel so relaxed, you might doze off!

Tidying Your Home

Some people find cleaning up therapeutic. After all, clutter often makes people feel anxious or overwhelmed because it’s more difficult to discern where an item is. Tidying up your home can be extremely restorative, as it offers a sense of control, especially in your own personal space.

Cleaning up with essential oils is a great way to approach each chore, as each oil brings a unique fragrance. You’ll also be using all-natural substances, so you won’t have to worry about using any toxic chemicals in your home. It’s also another way to incorporate aromatherapy into your everyday routine, which will help you relax more.

Baking Treats

Others turn to eat to practice self-care. Eating your favourite treat can be an extremely rewarding way to end a difficult week, and it can be made even better when shared with a special someone or a friend.

Although a diet of healthy food is essential for physical wellness, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally indulge in a sweet treat—especially if baking is your personal form of meditation. Using pure essential oils, like lavender or lemon, to flavour your baked goods is a great way to introduce unadulterated taste without using synthetic ingredients.

Relaxing With a Book

Another great way to practice self-care is to read a book, which is often accompanied by a warm, soothing mug of tea. Reading is an incredibly calming activity that can be made even better with tea mixed with eucalyptus essential oil. This calming drink promotes relaxation while reading, but it keeps you awake enough to finish a chapter or two thanks to its minty tang.

In fact, there are plenty of essential oils that can be mixed with tea for different effects. Lavender oil is commonly used with chamomile tea and honey to promote sleep and ease tension, so if you read at night to fall asleep, this is definitely the tea to accompany your book.


Practising your self-care routine is incredibly important, and it can be made even better with essential oils. Essential oils are flexible enough to fit into almost any self-care routine, as there are different oils for different purposes. Whether you want to feel more confident or feel more relaxed, there’s an essential oil out there that’s a perfect match for your self-care activity.

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